About Us

Palisade Bio is a late-stage biopharma company advancing oral therapies that help patients with acute and chronic gastrointestinal complications stemming from post-operative digestive enzyme damage. Our initial focus is guarding against the disruption of GI function (referred to as "ileus") following major surgery in order to speed recovery and reduce the time a patient stays in hospital. Additionally, PB believes that its investigational therapies have the potential to protect against the formation of postoperative adhesions, a common reason people are readmitted to the hospital for additional surgeries. At Palisade Bio, we believe protecting intestinal integrity is a cornerstone of preserving human health and our focus is on helping the millions of patients undergoing surgery every year overcome the myriad health conditions and complications associated with acute and chronic disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.

Decades of research have shown that surgical damage to the intestines can result in additional digestive enzyme tissue damage and inflammation, causing a broad array of acute and chronic conditions. We are developing a portfolio of oral product candidates to treat conditions driven by protease (intestinal digestive enzymes) escaping the intestines, including surgical complications and inflammatory conditions.

Leadership Team