Mitch Jones, MD, PhD

Mitch Jones, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Jones has a proven track record of successfully developing oral biotherapeutics and locally acting immunomodulating therapeutics designed to act locally within the gastrointestinal tract, including for inflammatory bowel disease. Throughout his career, Dr. Jones has established a reputation for not only developing technologies and implementing strategies to de-risk programs from the translational through the clinical development arc, but he has also monetized, through sale or going public, several of the assets he has developed.

Dr. Jones most recently served as Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategy at Chemomab Therapeutics, a Nasdaq-listed clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of innovative therapeutics for fibrotic and inflammatory diseases with high unmet need. In his role at Chemomab, Dr. Jones was responsible for spearheading corporate development and strategy, including guiding program development and company strategy, evaluating and illustrating differentiation in the competitive landscape, directing external collaborations and strategic partnerships, supporting financings and evaluating potential mergers or acquisitions. Prior to Chemomab, he served as Vice President Clinical Discovery and Development at Nasdaq-listed Finch Therapeutics, where he contributed to a successful IPO and helped oversee the early clinical development of novel therapeutics for treating IBD, chronic hepatitis B virus infection, and immunotherapy in solid tumors. Additionally, he served as Vice President, Innovation and Clinical Translational Development at Nasdaq-listed Biora Therapeutics, formerly known as Progenity, where he developed and implemented a strategic roadmap encompassing all aspects of the business while contributing to both a $125 million venture financing and the company’s subsequent IPO. During his tenure at Biora, Dr. Jones also served as Vice President of Translational and Clinical Development where he successfully built the GI therapeutics division.

Additionally, Dr. Jones played an instrumental role as Head of Research & Development (CMO/CSO) and Founder of Interface Therapeutics where he was successful at developing a novel sampling platform that used multi-omics analysis of samples from remote sections of GI tract to discover and develop locally acting therapeutics including for IBD. Interface Therapeutics was acquired by Biora Therapeutics (formerly Progenity). Dr. Jones began his career as the founder of Micropharma, serving as Head of Research & Development (CMO/CSO) where he discovered, developed, and implemented clinical drug development programs, including all phases of clinical development, for microbiome-based therapeutics for metabolic and inflammatory disease. Dr. Jones is the author or co-author of numerous scientific publications and an inventor on almost 200 filed or granted patents.

Dr. Jones received his MD and PhD degrees, and a Masters in biomedical engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree, from McGill University in Canada.